How I got an Industrial dishwasher for my business before the Countryside Festival

The Scotland countryside festival typically attracts thousands of visitors every single year, because of this, local businesses see an influx of customers that can really put them under strain. This is especially true if you run a catering business that serves food and then also needs to do a lot of dish washing and clearing up afterwards.

I really needed to get a good reliable industrial dishwasher in place before the festival so that my catering kitchen could keep on top of all the dirty glasses and dish washing that needed to be done. Researching for the most effective industrial dish-washer when you’re inside of the food catering market is undoubtedly a very difficult task, there are numerous manufacturers trying to sell anyone the most popular design or brand.

How much should you spend on a commercial dishwasher when catering for Scotland’s countryside festival?

A good tip is that before you race out and purchase the very first dish washing machine that you see, make sure you look at a number of important things to begin with. As with most consumer goods, you can pretty much spend almost anything on a industrial dishwasher, it would be a very beneficial strategy to make sure you afford a little thought to just how frequently you are likely to use your dish-washer, you should then use this info to assist you to allocate a suitable budget. Front Loading Dish Washerdimensions are another critical feature to consider for lots of people, this is especially true for those who have an extremely small kitchen area like me.

Is there any kind of technique to help to make a dish-washer have a longer lifespan I wondered?

At some point even the best electric catering hardware suffers a breakdown, dishwashers are no exception to this rule either, nevertheless based on my research there are a number of strategies you can use to prevent this from occurring. Remember, a perfectly maintained Dish washer may last as much as 19 years. Along with ensuring that your own machine is actually maintained the right way, it is recommended to look into the instructions properly to make certain that it is actually cleaning plates correctly in the first place.

commercial dishwasher buying

Do you know your commercial dish washer requirements?

There’s definitely no shortage of extras and incredibly good features that you could pay money for when you purchase an industrial dish-washer, what you really need to contemplate is whether you really need all of them. A Few Things I would definitely highly recommend is that you obtain a machine that includes a drainage pump, this can make a big difference to help your current kitchen dishwasher’s washing time. I might in addition highly suggest choosing a water softener.

I had electric curtains installed before the Scotland Countryside Festival

before attending this year’s Scotland Countryside Festival, I had a few things that needed doing around the house, one of them was finally getting around to installing my electric curtain rail that I had purchased some months ago. Installing these automated curtains was one of those tasks that I had been putting off because I already had curtains in place, however after a bit of arm twisting from the wife I decided to give it a go. To be honest, the installation of the motorised curtains was pretty easy and when I began to do it, I wondered why I had put it off for so long.

Electric curtain rail

With the Countryside festival coming I wanted to get it done

Now in most peoples houses, electric curtain tracks can be installed pretty easily. Unfortunately for me, the curtain rail supports that I had in place were not heavy duty enough to support the additional weight that was going to be placed on them. Because of this, I needed to install some additional supports to get the job done. Now the electric curtain tracks that I had bought were from Silent Gliss, these guys are pretty much the leading brand with this type of technology, so I knew that I was in pretty good hands. So I ended up picking up my Silent Gliss curtain track and getting to work.

Now one of my main motivations for using the silent gliss curtain track rather than my standard curtains is because my windows are pretty large, meaning closing the curtains properly is a bit of a chore especially for the windows that are located behind the TV in the living room. This pretty clever device allowed me to close my curtains with minimal effort, they were exactly what I was after! As long as I remember the charge the electric remote control that actually controls them, then I’m pretty much good to go! I would definitely recommend to anyone.